MATRIX provides FREE consulting support to assist prospective clients with evaluating its services.

Look into what Matrix Record Storage has to offer. We will work with you to get the facts and figures together. We even give you an escape clause. If you store your records with us for 3 months, and are not happy with our services, we will, at your request, and our expense,  return your records to your original storage area at no charge. There is no risk . Why not give this great new service a try?

If you want to have a totally secure, problem free, cost effective inactive document storage program you can effortlessly manage from your desktop computer, we can show you how Matrix can provide the facilities and services to make it happen.

MATRIX provides unlimited, safe & extreamly secure storage space and all the necessary services    required to professionally manage your firms inactive documents.

Your firms inactive records program can be effectively managed while eliminating management & staff involvement in the cumbersome, time consuming processes of boxing, transporting,  inventorying, puling and re-filing of stored documents.

You will never have to  stop working to go to a storage area to attempt to retrieve or re-file an  inactive  file. In fact you will not have to leave your desk to manage your firms inactive document storage system including record retention scheduling and document destruction.  

Unlike traditional in-house storage systems that have a tendency to deteriorate over time , your Matrix system will maintain 100 % file integrity indefinitely. You'll always know were every files is, no matter how active the system has been, or how many years it has been in operation.