No more use of expensive labor to pull and transport records to storage. We do this for you at no cost.
Matrix is a service oriented professional document storage company. When you outsource your inactive records program with Matrix, you get much more then just storage space. We provide all the necessary space,labor & equipment including a free high tech computerized management system. 
No more need to pull key personnel from their core tasks to go to storage to try to locate  documents. We can locate and deliver files to your office,when you need them, and pick them up and refile them when your done. 
And most importantly, no more arduous culling and shredding or scanning of files so you can make space available for next years files. We provide unlimited, inexpensive, safe & secure storage  space. You only pay for the actual volume of material in storage. You don't have to pay for unused space you will not need until later on.
We incorporate your firms existing business file system seamlessly and effortlessly into our fully computerized professional document storage operation. This conversion results in a more efficient,more accountable and more cost effective system that will maintain its file integrity indefinitely.

There is no comparison between managing this cumbersome business necessity in-house and outsourcing it to Matrix.

Commercial document storage is the most used system world wide, for storing and managing inactive records.

It is simply the most effective solution to a bothersome business necessity.